Cities called Athens : studies honoring John McK. Camp II

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Other Authors: Daly, Kevin F. (Editor, HerausgeberIn)
Riccardi, Lee Ann (Editor, HerausgeberIn)
Camp, John McK. (GefeierteR)
Document Type: Book
Published: Lewisburg [u.a.] : Bucknell University Press , [2015]
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Author Notes:presented by his students and edited by Kevin F. Daly and Lee Ann Riccardi
Table of Contents:
  • Family meals: banquet imagery on classical Athenian funerary reliefs
  • by Wendy E. ClostermanOn when and where to find Athenian forts / by Kevin F. Daly
  • Securing the sacred: the accessibility and control of Attic sanctuaries
  • by Laura Gawlinski
  • The eagle of Zeus in Greek art and literature
  • by Seán Hemingway
  • Solon's property classes on the Athenian acropolis? : a reconsideration of IG 13.831 and Ath. pol. 7.4
  • by Catherine M. Keesling
  • The architecture of the Athenian Acropolis before Perikles : the life and death of the small limestone buildings
  • by Nancy L. Klein
  • "To market, to market": pottery, the individual and trade in Athens
  • by Elizabeth M. Langridge-Noti
  • The transport amphoras at Koroni : contribution to the historical narrative and economic history of the early Hellenistic Aegean
  • by Mark L. Lawall
  • Drinking cups and the symposium at Athens in the archaic and classical periods
  • by Kathleen M. Lynch
  • Three late medieval kilns from the Athenian agora
  • by Camilla Mackay
  • "There will be blood ..." : the cult of Artemis Tauropolos at Halai Araphenides
  • by Jeremy McInerney
  • Homage & abuse : three portraits of Roman women from the Athenian agora
  • by Lee Ann Riccardi
  • Polis inscriptions and jurors in fourth-century Athens
  • by M. B. Richardson
  • Sophokles' Philoktetes : the cult of Herakles dramatized
  • by Christina A. Salowey.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index