The mapping of power in Renaissance Italy : painted cartographic cycles in social and intellectual context

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Main Author: Rosen, Mark (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Book
Published: New York, NY : Cambridge University Press , 2015
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Related Items:Rezensiert in: [Rezension von: Rosen, Mark, The Mapping of Power in Renaissance Italy: Painted Cartographic Cycles in Social and Intellectual Context]
Rezensiert in: [Rezension von: Mark Rosen, The mapping of power in Renaissance Italy]
Author Notes:Mark Rosen
Table of Contents:
  • A lost world: maps as decoration before the sixteenth centuryWonders unknown to the ancients: maps as decoration in the early-mid sixteenth century
  • The Medici Guardaroba and its role in the Florentine cosmos
  • "All the things of heaven and earth together": the Guardaroba Program
  • Manufacturing a universe: the Medici Guardaroba and its cosmographers
  • The maps of the Medici Guardaroba
  • The Guardaroba and the late cinquecento map-cycle competition.