Walter Markov

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Walter Karl Hugo Markov (born Mulec; 5 October 1909 – 3 July 1993) was a German historian. Shortly after he received his doctorate, a promising academic career was interrupted in 1934 when he joined the (by this time illegal) Communist Party and briefly became a resistance activist. In 1935 he was sentenced to twelve years in prison, but ten years later in April 1945, as the Hitler regime collapsed, he was one of a number of long-term inmates from the Siegburg jail who organised their own "self-release", with the help of two pistols that he had been able to purchase, already loaded, on the prison black market.

After the war, according to more than one source he became one of very few historians from the German Democratic Republic who built a reputation for serious historical scholarship beyond the confines of the East German academic establishment. Provided by Wikipedia
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